Basic techniques to apply snazaroo face paints!
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Snazaroo provides some of the best face painting products in the world, and their products are known for being of the highest quality while also being safe. Here are the basic techniques to apply snazaroo face paints:

1. Check whether the child has any type of skin allergies. If in doubt, apply Snazaroo face paint to the inside of the wrist to see if any allergic reaction develops.

2. Keep a good supply of water to wash your brushes and sponges.

3. You can use Snazaroo face paints without applying any kind of cream or moisturizer beforehand.

4. Apply the base color first – always. Use a damp sponge for this. Don’t use a sponge that is too wet; squeeze the excess water out first.

5. For a deeper color, let the base coat dry first. Then apply a second coat.

6. When applying color with a brush, work in even, smooth and continuous strokes.

7. When drawing designs with a variety of colors, go with the lighter colors first.

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